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Reviewer : LANA
Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Trap (72MB)
Catchmaster Mouse & Insect Glue Trap (72MB) by Catchmaster
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rating_of_5_stars Written by LANA on Dec 29, 2010

I got this glue trap for the Brown Recluses we have in my house. It does a great job. I put some in my basement and caught a mouse also.

Cy-Kick CS Insecticide - 1 pint
Cy-Kick CS Insecticide - 1 pint by BASF (Whitmire Micro-Gen)
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Lana on May 9, 2012
Awesome results

This product has killed every bug in sight! I sprayed it on my back porch and it got rid of my pesky ants--I put it around the perimeter and roaches are stopped dead in their tracks! I love this stuff. I bought two because I had a feeling it would be good--will have it handy for years to come--it goes a long way!

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Pleased in all regards.....

- Earlene Lambright -
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