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Reviewer : Maddux Tackett
Flea Control Kit for Cats and Dogs
Flea Control Kit for Cats and Dogs by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Maddux Tackett on Oct 7, 2009

My dog has been constantly scratching his body everyday and I am worrying about him because i know his skin would be bad. I bought flea-away products from wal-mart, but none of them work very well and don't last long. So I went to PestMall and I bought the Flea Control Kit, and after spraying on my dog, he was pleased and after few minutes he would finally stop scratching himself. He also loves the smell of the Flea Control Kit. ...Which is really surprising for me.

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Great thanks. I'm getting anxious for my trap!

- Tyler W. -
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