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Reviewer : May L.
ClimbUp Bed Bug Insect Interceptor (12 Traps)
ClimbUp Bed Bug Insect Interceptor (12 Traps) by Susan McKnight Inc.
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rating_of_5_stars Written by May L. on Sep 26, 2010

I have had a major bed bugs problem for a long time developing some really bad rashes at times. My doctor recommended that I try eliminating the cause of the rash before it got worse. I researched on the internet to find the best way to exterminate these insects and found the bed bugs trap climb up insect interceptor to have great reviews. Ever since I started using it my rashes have reduced considerably and are now slowly going away! I am so happy with the result and every penny was worth it! Its really light and practical so I can take it to the living room when I’m their and my bedroom at night. In my opinion it’s a cheap and effective way to get rid of bugs. I can now look forward to a good nights rest!

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The delta dust worked great just as I had expected, thumbs up on your product.

- Karina Goltz -
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