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Reviewer : Melvin Dawson
JetStream Fogging Insecticide
JetStream Fogging Insecticide by MGK
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Melvin Dawson on May 29, 2011

It seemed like I always had a hard time getting rid of these damn mosquitoes and the professional guy that does my termite control told me about the jetstream and the fogging machine. really worked like a charm. Thanks

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I ordered 5ft long fox trap on Monday and it was delivered from Duluth to Nashville the very next day.The instruction sheet was missing and I called steve and he emailed me one before we stopped talking and sent me to video..I got it assembled short order and it is now in the woods looking for the bobcat that tore up my dinky one ..if the bobcat tears this one up..I am moving to the city..good product..great customer service

- tom -
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