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Reviewer : Mitch G
Cyper TC (Demon TC) (NOT FOR SALE IN AK, CT, MI, NY,MA,RI,SC,VT) by Control Solutions
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Mitch G on Sep 1, 2010

Our housing development became infested with some type of wood destroying beetle. I don’t know what the exact insect was but it sure scared me. The development’s resident handyman came around to spray our property and I asked him about the product he was using. He said it was this Cyper TC insecticide. I know it works because my neighbor refused to let him spray and then become infested as well. The handyman said that since he had sprayed most of the property the beetles went to the few properties he didn’t spray. I’m so glad he used such an effective product and that I had the foresight to let him spray my property.

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I would highly recommend pestmall. They sell the same products our exterminators use. Now we don't pay the 120.00 service charge. we treat the problems ourself.

- Westy -
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