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Reviewer : nat perry
CB Invader - 14 oz.
CB Invader - 14 oz. by Waterbury
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rating_of_5_stars Written by nat perry on May 12, 2009

i had silverfish and it was very devastationg. im really scared of any type of insects and SILVERFISH just scare me to death. I couldnt come into the kitchen for EVER. they were all over my cookbooks and pantry. i ate out every day for a week. i just couldnt stand it. i went and sprayed everywhere with this spray and things were all good. i also used more products such as suspend sc and cyonarathey were all gone and i could finally eat and chill around my kitchen area.

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Wanted High Yield Weed Killer, as it has been the BEST PRODUCT, and we were able to find it readily on Google to your website.

- George N. -
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