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Reviewer : Neil Patterson
Dekko Silverfish Paks (Silverfish Poison Bait) - 24 Packs
Dekko Silverfish Paks (Silverfish Poison Bait) - 24 Packs by Dekko
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Neil Patterson on Jul 19, 2011

Dekko Silverfish Paks doesn’t come with any materials to attach it to any high places. But you can attach Dekko Silverfish Paks to the roof or ceiling with material you can get from any hardware store. I had firebrat problem in my closet. The firebrats would leave stains on my clothes and when I would go out people would say that I had stains in my clothes. After using Dekko Silverfish Paks for three weeks, the firebrats seemed to be disappearing at a quick rate. I was very glad at their disappearance.

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Wow! Placed order Friday @ 2AM Pacific West Coast Time, i.e. 5AM East Coast Time. Termidor SC product arrives following Monday (today, Mar-25-2013) about 2PM to Southern California just in time for termite's late afternoon snack or early dinner! Hate these termite critters. Gar J. Chan

- Gar J. Chan -
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