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Reviewer : O Thatch.
Tempo 1% Dust - 1.25 lb (Not for Sale to: NY,SC,CT)
Tempo 1% Dust - 1.25 lb (Not for Sale to: NY,SC,CT) by Backed by Bayer
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rating_of_5_stars Written by O Thatch. on Sep 23, 2012
This stuff is AWESOME!

I had a yellow jacket problem over the summer. They were getting into my house through the soffit. I thought they were nesting in the soffit. Come to find out they were in the floor on my send floor. I tried the store bought spray and it didnt do a thing since i couldnt get to the nest. So i did some research and ended up with the Tempo 1% dust. I borrowed a bee keepers hat, built up my courage and after a month of putting it off, i went up and dusted the entrance the yellow jackets were using. When i was done, it looked like a studio 54 party up there. I figured i was up there, why not really make it snow. The next day, the yellow jackets were fewer, the day after that, fewer and on day 3, pretty much none. I couldnt believe how good this stuff worked. Its no joke. I still hear something in my floor but its nothing like it was and im hoping what ever is there will die in the winter. Great product.

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I recieved the Pest Control yesterday. Thanks for the quick service.

- Harry -
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