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Reviewer : Patricia X.
Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge-5 Units
Advance Termite Inspection Cartridge-5 Units by BASF (Whitmire Micro-Gen)
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Patricia X. on Jun 30, 2010
termites in home

My husband and I were worried about termites after our neighbor suffered a significant amount of damage from an infestation they didn’t catch in time. We bought the monitoring kit and some refills and I was surprised at how easy it was to use. Installing it was very easy but since I really can’t stand to be around bugs I had to get my husband to check them and install the refills. This product is great and the bugs just can’t resist the bait. This is good if you want to get rid of bugs but bad if you’re as grossed out by them as I am, just get your husband to do it.

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It was amazing to order something and have it in my hands within two days! Thank you very much! I will be ordering from you in the future.

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