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Reviewer : Pete T.
Gardner GT-180 Slimline Fly Light
Gardner GT-180 Slimline Fly Light by Gardner
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Pete T. on Mar 26, 2011

As the owner of a string of restaurants in the southeastern part of the United States, often I’ve had significant fly problems and when you own a food business, flies can be nothing short of suicidal. For years now, fly control has been one of my primary business concerns and over the years, I’ve tried perhaps all the products that the pest control industry has to offer in terms of practical fly control solutions. Two months ago, while browsing the web for innovative fly control treatments I came across the Gardner GT-180 Slimline Fly Light and I thought that the product looks quite promising. I ordered a few of the products for trial and I have to say that I am particularly impressed with the efficiency of such a simple mechanism for fly control. Gardner GT-180 Slimline Fly Light is perhaps the best fly control product I’ve used for so far and for the price of $169.95, the pest control product is a good deal indeed. These days Gardner GT-180 Slimline Fly Light is what I use for fly control in my restaurants and I have to admit that fly control has never been this easy for me before. These days all I do in terms of fly control is I get one of my staff members in each of my restaurants to replace the adhesive glue pad included in the mechanism of the flytrap every now and then. Good product Pestmall! I am impressed. You will definitely hear from me again and again for my pest control needs!

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WE had tried everything to rid our yeard of the ground squirrel, but your trap worked like a charm. To date we have captured and released several miles away from our home the five ground squirrels. Cute creatures, but the noise and holes in our yard was really getting to us.

- Shershe -
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