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Reviewer : Reina G.
Deltagard G Granule - 20 lbs. (Not for Sale to: NY, CT)
Deltagard G Granule - 20 lbs. (Not for Sale to: NY, CT) by Backed by Bayer
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Reina G. on May 10, 2011

For months on I have been having huge problems with ants, all sorts of them, invading my property and especially the fire ants proved to be particularly troublesome. With the help of the pest control product DeltaGard G Granule, I have been able to get my personal space back and it feels great. The product worked as it said it would on the product label and it provided a quick but efficient knockdown of ants, in particular fire ants. DeltaGard G Granule enables a relatively quick elimination of ants and I am very happy with the product I purchased.

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I like the products! It worked greatly, I will order and recommend again.

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