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Reviewer : Sairam B.
Ant No More Ant Bait Station
Ant No More Ant Bait Station by Kness
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Sairam B. on Jul 21, 2010

Last spring, I remodeled my garden and during the summer, I was shocked by an ant invasion. I don’t know what caused this but after unsuccessfully trying various ant killers, I was thoroughly impressed by the ant no more ant bait station. Within a week, all these unwanted ants were gone! What made it even more impressive was the weather durability, rain or shine, it was still effective. The station color blended in perfectly with my garden, hence I highly recommend the ‘Ant No More Bait Station’.

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thank you so much, i will follow ur advice, and i appreciate the time you have taken to answer my question, i know i can always count with your support

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