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Reviewer : Sandy Ross
Dekko Silverfish Paks (Silverfish Poison Bait) - 24 Packs
Dekko Silverfish Paks (Silverfish Poison Bait) - 24 Packs by Dekko
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Sandy Ross on Jul 4, 2011

Dekko Silverfish Paks is safe to use in kitchens, food areas if you are careful so as not to let it make contact with anything you may consume. So it is perfect for use in almost everywhere. You should place 2- three Dekko Silverfish Paks in any one place, infested or not. I bought two boxes for only $18.90 for two houses with a Silverfish infestation. Somehow, the Dekko Silverfish Paks was enough for both houses and drove away the Silverfish infestation.

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