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Reviewer : Scott Zucker
PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol - 17.5 oz.
PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol - 17.5 oz. by BASF (Whitmire Micro-Gen)
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Scott Zucker on Jul 2, 2013
Bee Still My Heart

I had a nest of bumblebees in the canopy of one of our sculpted Gardenias. I tried to remove the nest protected only by a can of generic wasp spray. Bad move on my part. Both my wife and I met with the wrath of the bees. Next I covered the plant with a plastic drop cloth and set off a traditional house fumigation spray. That slowed them down but did not kill them. Finally I bought 2 cans of the PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol spray. At dusk I soaked the hive and sprayed any bees attempting to escape with 1 can. It emptied in less than a minute. In the morning I reviewed the scene. The bees were dead and the hive was disintegrating. I was able to trim back the plant, remove and dispose of the hive and I have not seen a bumblebee in that general vacinity since. The PT Wasp Freeze Aerosol spray was awesome! I have 1 can left for future use. I highly recommend the stuff! The only negative is that the zoysia lawn at the base of the plant is now dead. A small price to pay to solve the bee problem. The lawn will be back by the end of the summer.

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I can only speak on the carpenter bee traps. We put out four this year (early April) when the carpenter bees came back. Last year we filled, treated and put fresh stain on wood soffits after season in November. We put out traps this year hoping to deter more holes and more bee infestation. The traps didn't work. We swatted them with a tennis racket, put the dead ones inside the bottle in hopes the phermone smell would attract other bees, it didn't. We took dead bees smash and wiped the four holes of each trap, still didn't work. Our last resort is to restain the wood again now before any get inside the wood. We hope the smell of the new stain will be a deterrent. At this point we have sprayed inside the old holes with Sevin Dust, put Seven Dust in the wood filler when filling the old holes last year and coated over with a clear stain. They are driving us crazy.

- teresa bradshaw -
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