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Reviewer : Shannon N.
EZ Strike Fly Bait Station
EZ Strike Fly Bait Station by VM Products
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Shannon N. on Jan 22, 2009

The EZ Strike Fly Bait Station is a relatively new bait station from I understand but the pest control product certainly works. A few weeks ago, I got this fly bait station for the purpose of controlling on the number of flies on my property and last week I started using it. I am getting very good results and I wanted to leave a review here to share my experience with you. For starters, after payment, I got the item i purchased shipped to my doorstep within 3 working days and I was particularly impressed with the customer service I got. As for the fly bait station, the product is very well-designed and I would recommend it to anyone for the simple reason that it is easy to use as well as install.

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