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Reviewer : Shea R.
ClimbUp Bed Bug Insect Interceptor (12 Traps)
ClimbUp Bed Bug Insect Interceptor (12 Traps) by Susan McKnight Inc.
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Shea R. on Aug 26, 2009

Having used insect repellents and sprays to keep all the insects away from my house in the past, I found that the bed bugs trap climb up insect interceptor has been very effective indeed. I first heard about it from a friend so decided to purchase it online. It was delivered to me straight away with no problems. The first time I used it I placed it in number of different places including my sofas and beds. It didn’t work very well the first night as I forgot to read the instructions so touched the inner walls by mistake. Luckily, It was really easy to re-apply the talcum powder and it worked a lot better the next night! I am very satisfied with the product and it really is value for money.

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The product performed as expected. Arrived sooner than expected.

- Guy Kirts -
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