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Reviewer : Shiri P.
Pro Citra  DL Botanical Insectcide  (Orange Oil)
Pro Citra DL Botanical Insectcide (Orange Oil) by BASF (Whitmire Micro-Gen)
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Shiri P. on Mar 24, 2010

I rented my vacation house to some people one year. They seemed nice enough but they were obviously rather dirty as my kitchen became infested with roaches. My friend suggested that they had brought them in with their luggage. Either way, I needed a safe and effective way to get rid of these horrid monsters. The Pro Citra DL Botanical Insecticide was perfect. It smelled nice, was easy to use and killed the roaches quickly. I now have a roach free kitchen which I don’t rent out to anyone.

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