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Reviewer : Stephen Allred
Syngenta Advion Roach Bait Gel
Syngenta Advion Roach Bait Gel by Syngenta
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Stephen Allred on Nov 22, 2014
worked great for a while

I had to use quite a few tubes to get rid of the roaches due to being infested. my neighbor's house was sprayed then more started showing up around and under my kitchen sink. The first few started to eat it but, now once it dries they seem to just walk by it and now they don't seem to be interested in it fresh out of a tube? I hope I can get rid of them before they multiply. I tried the Alpine with the same results. I've been wondering if I should try some of the dust formula. I've contacted Pestmall by email but no reply maybe I'd have better luck by phone.

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Pestmall has always had reasonable prices and provide reliable service. Recently, I botched an order due to my own lack of knowledge. Nicole was awesome helping me to get it straight and ultimately get the right product for my needs. I'll be a customer for life.

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