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Reviewer : Tim D.
Talstar Pro (Talstar One) - 1 Pint (Not for Sale to: NY, SD, CT)
Talstar Pro (Talstar One) - 1 Pint (Not for Sale to: NY, SD, CT) by FMC
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Tim D. on Feb 15, 2012

I think that pests are something that will always come around and do you harm in some way or other and that the best thing to do against them is to kill them with the cheapest of insecticides to make sure the insecticide works and then buy a lot of it for when they come back. I bought Talstar Pro as an experiment but when I saw how well it worked I bought lots of it for future use. I always suggest others to try something once and if they like it then buy more of it, and I told them to do the same with Talstar Pro. But everyone told me that it was really good and that they had already bought more of it.

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