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Reviewer : Tom Hamiltion
Dominion 2L - 27.5 oz. (NOT FOR SALE IN AK, CT, MI, NE, NY)
Dominion 2L - 27.5 oz. (NOT FOR SALE IN AK, CT, MI, NE, NY) by Control Solutions
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Tom Hamiltion on Mar 12, 2010

My neighbor had to pay a fine of $500 for termite damage on his rented home. I'm on rent too so if I have termites, they must go asap before any damage is done. I bought this Dominion 2L because of that specific reason. At first, I thought that the Dominion 2L was a little pricey but after some research, $46.50 was a really good price, plus Pestmall gives free shipping! I know if anyone, I wont be paying the five hundred dollar fine my neighbor had to pay!

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I would highly recommend pestmall. They sell the same products our exterminators use. Now we don't pay the 120.00 service charge. we treat the problems ourself.

- Westy -
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