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Reviewer : Victoria Atkins
Stink Bug Control Kit
Stink Bug Control Kit by Ecokeeper
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rating_of_5_stars Written by Victoria Atkins on Apr 3, 2009
how to stop stink bugs

The stink bugs really ruined my house. Whenever I make dinner, the stink from stink bugs ruins the smell and makes it taste like garbage. I had to do something before anything bad happens, so i went to PestMall and called up the live support then they suggested me for the best to use the Stink Bug Control Kit. After receiving the item by fast shipping, i had no bad smell whatsoever when i cooked dinner. Thanks PestMall for solving my problems!

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Let me tell you my personal experience based on this topic; Cockroaches last week were all over the kitchen area. After the lights were off for a while at night, I would turn them on and there were about a few more roaches all around the kitchen counter. We weren't even messy, the place was always clean and we cleaned the counters and stove after cooking food. I put little spots of the gel along the corners of the surfaces and in areas where they could get into the kitchen. Immediately I saw that some cockroaches were interested in it and began consuming it. This got me excited. Over the next couple days, we would find a few cockroaches stumbling around the floor both day and night. And then we stopped seeing them. It's been about a month and I haven't spotted one cockroach since. You can actually trust these reviews because it really does work.

- Michael K. -
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