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Reviewer : vivian
Demand CS - 8 oz (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, CT)
Demand CS - 8 oz (NOT FOR SALE IN NY, CT) by Syngenta
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rating_of_5_stars Written by vivian on Apr 13, 2011
demand bug spray

Demand CS saved my life, literally. I'm allergic to bees and their bites! I once got bitten and had to stay at the ER for a week. I ask my husband to spray this every three months-four months just in case a bee decides to intrude our home. I found a bee dead on the floor and I was so relieved because the Demand CS killed it before it killed me.

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Great job! I received my order in record time which was exceptionally nice. When dealing with bed bugs (or other pests), you want to tackle the issue as quickly as possible...and they made that happen. Thank you!!

- Benita Knerr -
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