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Reviewer : welch
Victor or Catchmaster Tin Cat Mouse Trap
Victor or Catchmaster Tin Cat Mouse Trap by Victor
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rating_of_5_stars Written by welch on Dec 3, 2013
not impressed

I purchased two of these traps and, after a week with no results I started experimenting with an old Victor wire trap. Using the same bait and rotating the three traps between the same locations I have caught 8 mice with the Victory and zero with the tin cats. I have found droppings near the tin cats but no mice inside. The build quality of the Catchmasters is pretty poor too, and that may account for some of this. The plastic screen is flimsy and not well secured, and the whole thing just doesn't seem that well put-together. Stick with wire traps!

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The delta dust worked great just as I had expected, thumbs up on your product.

- Karina Goltz -
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