Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system
Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system

Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system

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Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system
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Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system
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Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system
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Protecta Load N Lock is the latest invention from Bell Laboratories to anchor bait stations in place. Designed to work with Protecta LP Bait Stations it is made from heavy duty, injection molded plastic; able to hold up to two standard concrete brinks available at most hardware stores. Protecta Load N Lock provides ramp allowing easy entry for rodents and an insert to the station. Once the Protecta LP is snapped into the Load N Lock close the opening lid and the two cannot be separated.

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Protecta Load-N-Lock anchoring system for Protecta LP

Bell Laboratories introduces its new PROTECTA Load-N-Lock anchoring system that secures PROTECTA LP and PROTECTA Sidekick Bait Stations. Professional in appearance, the Load-N-Lock anchoring system eliminates the added expense, mess and time associated with traditional anchoring methods.

Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic, the PROTECTA Load-N-Lock holds two standard concrete bricks available at most landscape and home improvements stores. Technicians place the bricks into the Load-N-Lock base, and then snap the bait station into place. Once the bait station is closed, the base and bait station cannot be separated. The ramped design of the base allows easy entry for rats or mice into the bait station and portrays a professional image.

The maximum brick dimensions for both the LP and Sidekick Load-N-Lock base is 8" x 4" x 2.5" per individual brick. The bases will accommodate 2 bricks.

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