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Rat Bait Station
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For heavy infestations of rats, the most effective methods of control may also be the most dangerous to use in and around chemical sensitive areas. Business owners and homeowners alike may agree that although they want to use poison baits and snap traps, sometimes, surrounding circumstances will not allow them to use these types of methods of control due to the harmful nature of the products. In other cases, although baits and traps can be used, poison baits quickly become ineffective due to natural circumstances like weather breakdown or tamper from animals. In order to protect you, your family, and also non-target wildlife, the top manufacturers of rodent control products have made a variety of rat bait stations.

Rat bait stations are the perfect way to disguise baits and traps from the surrounding environment so that it will not be tampered with.

Importance of Rat Bait Stations

With hectic lifestyles and a budget to live on, many homeowners and business owners cannot afford hiring a professional to simply place stations with baits around the premise. Here at Pest Mall, we provide the best products in the market for rat control including the bait stations. There are a variety of rat bait stations available that will best fit the type of infestation and the area that is infested. These are the same bait stations that you will see professionals place around the perimeter of homes, markets, grocery stores, and other commercial areas. Most of the rat bait stations that are provided by Pest Mall are tamper resistant which means that large animals cannot get into them or carry them away. Also, using a rat bait station will provide protection against weather breakdown or build up on the bait. This is important because if the product has dust and dirt build up on it or is damaged by weather, the bait will ultimately be unattractive to the pest or ineffective. Moreover, the ultimate reasonwhy bait stations are crucial to pest control is because rat bait stations provide a safety for you, your family, and non-target animals. One of the top priorities of the pest control industry is your safety and effective treatment. Rat bait stations will allow for both these things so that you can get rid of the rats that are invading your home or business.

How to Effectively Use Rat Bait Stations

Rat bait stations are primarily used outdoors or in areas like the attic, basement, and crawlspace. This is typically because rats nest outdoors and may explore around the premise for a food source before invading the inside of a house. However, rat bait stations are not limited to outdoor use and can be used inside to protect your children or pets from snap traps or rat baits.

Keep in mind that rat bait stations merely hold baits and traps but will not trap the rat inside. The rat is lured into a rat bait station because of the trap or bait but is not trapped inside. Each rat bait station is placed about ten feet apart around the perimeter of the structure. The bait station can hold both poison bait and a trap. Many of the rat bait stations that are provided by Pest Mall are tamper free, which means that they are able to be locked and come with a key. Use the key to access the rat bait stations.

If there are any questions on what baits and traps are best used in conjunction with the rat bait stations, please feel free to call a representative of Pest Mall at 1-800-788-4142 or send us an e-mail.

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Q. What is the colour of Rat bait station
A.   The rat trap bait stations will differ in color depending on what you order. The standard color is black though. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. i need a bait station. but i don't know the type of rodent im dealing with. does it matter?
A.   The Bait Stations that we carry will fit up to roof rats. If you have larger rodents or wildlife, none of the bait stations we have will work for them.
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