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Rat Control Kit
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Many times, rat infestations can get out of hand if they are not treated properly. At the rate that they reproduce, sometimes, just one type of product will not be able to control an infestation. Also, many homeowners are skeptical about using toxic poison baits around the house. There are also many times when glue boards or the poison bait can become ineffective due to weather break down and build up. There are so many different circumstances that can change the result of a product or the efficacy of the product. That is why rodent control can be difficult at times. However, our technicians here at Pest Mall have made rodent control easy with rat control kits so that homeowners know exactly what products will work best in conjunction with each other.

All the products that are included in the rat control kits are the same products that the professionals are using, except you do not have to pay the expensive service fees that they charge to set up the rat control program.

Why Use Rat Control Kits

Our technicians here at Pest Mall have put together rat control kits with all the best products in the market for rat control. The leading manufacturers have products that are the most efficient in what they were made to do, but imagine with you have multiple top products working in conjunction with each other. Because the products that are included in the rat control kits are the same products that they professionals are using, homeowners can trust that they are going to be the most efficient products to control the rat infestations that have invaded their homes. The rat control kits include glue boards, snap traps, rodent bait, bait stations, and etc. All these products have been put together in a kit that best fits the type of infestation that you are experiencing.

Not only are the products the most efficient products, but our rat control kits honor the safety of your children and pets. Sometimes, although there are effective products like rodenticide baits, snap traps, and glue traps, homeowners are reluctant to use such products that have unlimited possibilities of harmful situations. Therefore, our technicians have put together kits that will not only allow homeowners to use the most powerful products but will also be the safest to use in and around the home. Such things that are included in the rat control kits that make them the safest kits to use are such things as rat bait stations and tunnels to cover the glue.

Moreover, such things as rat bait stations and tunnels for glue boards keep products allow the products to perform at its maximum ability. There are many natural factors that can work against the products. These things include breakdown of the poison bait due to heavy precipitation, sunlight, winds, etc. Also, glue boards can become ineffective due to dust and dirt build-up. All these things and much more can prohibit the products from working at its full capacity. Therefore, bait stations are crucial in up-keeping and optimizing the performance of the rat control products.

Use Rat Control Kits Effectively

Each rat control kit was put together to best fit the size of the infestation and to cover a specific area that is infested. Typically, rats nest outdoors and will enter the inside of a structure to forage for food. Therefore, many times, indoor and outdoor control is necessary. Use the Trapper Rat Glue Kit indoors where the floor meets the wall. Due to the low profile of these glue traps, rats will be less suspicious of the new material and will get caught in the glue. Use the snap traps and poison bait kits outdoors. Place a bait station with poisons every ten linear feet apart or just use one in a concentrated area of infestation near the point of entry.

If there are questions on the materials included in the kits, feel free to give Pest Mall a call at 1-800-788-4142 or email us with any inquiries at info@pestmall.com.

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I will be using the product in my distillation equipment to improve the refluxing and overall quality of the rum.

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