Rats Control Products

Rats Control Products
Size: 6 - 10"
Body (excluding tail)
Color: Black to Light Brown
Habitat: Varies
Found: Worldwide
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Rat Control

Are you in need of rat control? Are you sick of paying for overly-priced rat extermination fees? Are you ready to take control of your rat problem situation and "do it yourself?" Well, you came to the right website for rat management supplies. Here at Pest Mall, we encourage our patrons to save money by "doing it yourself" with grade A professional rat control products. Control your rat infestations like a pro using our provided rat products listed below.

Rat Control Products

Rat Bait Station Rat Control kit Rat glue traps Rat poison Bait Rat traps
Rat Bait Stations Rat Control kits Rat Glue Traps Rat poison Baits Rat Traps

How To Get Rid Of House Rats

Before we dive into any rat control products, as the exterminator you should be well prepared and informed about your targeted pests before going into "battle." There are several rat species in the world, but the most common rats homeowners are facing are the roof rats (aka black rats) and Norway rats (aka brown rats). Keep in mind, rats are bigger than mice even though they are relevatives. If you're having a problem identifying your pest problem between the two, the best way is to measure the droppings (fecal matter) they leave behind. Rats tend to have bigger feces than mice.

Damaged food supplies and other sorts of items are results of a rat problem. Just to name a few, you'll notice gnawing on furniture and holes in walls. As a homeowner, this can get quite fustrating patching up the damages. In addition, rats can potentially be the primary source of disease. They can carry a wide variety of pathogens which can lead to lethal illnesses.

How To Get Rid Of Rats

In terms of rat control products, the traditional way to exterminate rat problems is to lay out rat traps. From original wooden victor rat traps to modern plastic rat snap traps, the evolution of rat control has taken a far stride. Moreover, rat poisons and bait attractants have improved since their introduction to the public. We provide quality professional rat control products to our pest control patrons. Keeping up with all advances and updates in the rat control industry, rest assure you will find your rat solution here at our online pest control mall.

  • Rat Traps
    Easy as set and forget. Get rid of rats with killer or humane rat traps.
  • Rat Baits
    Lure rats in with bait and attractants. (Most are poison based)
  • Rat Bait Stations
    Use bait stations around your home for effective rat control.
  • Rat Control Kits
    A mixture of rat control supplies suggested by our professionals.
  • Rat Prevention Products & Repellents
    Use copper mesh and/or natural rat repellents to prevent rats from getting in your home.
  • Odor Eliminator
    Eliminate any odors the rats leave behind.

Do You Have a Question about this Product? Ask Our Experts!

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Q. Do You Have Something For Dead Rat Odor ?
A.   We do carry a product called Bac a Zap that is an odor eliminator.
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Q. What i need it for is to kill muskrat.
Do you have any zinc phosphide 63% concentrate? please respond
A.   Could you be more specific? Are you looking for a product that contains the active ingredient zinc phosphide? If so, we have the ZP Rodent Bait, but it only contains 2%. If there is anything else I could further assist you with, please let me know. Thanks!
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Q. lot of rate control
I have a whole lot of rats in my barn. They are a big problem as they are leaving their droppings all over and leave a large dark brown stain where they travel up and down and across boards around the stalls. I don't like to have to deal with them around my horses, mainly one stall that my older miniature horse is in as he eats pelleted feed in a bucket. I have to empty it out before feeding him as they leave droppings in it during the day and especially at night. I have three older cats that don't seem to want to deal with them. I don't want to poison my cats or my dogs. I have one dog that runs down to the barn with me and chases them. so far she has not caught any and I do not want her to as they may hurt her or infect her with something. So what do you suggest? What if a poison kills the rat and a cat or dog gets the dead body. That is what I worry about. I have put poison blocks under the pallets of hay before but it did not seem to work very well. I can not close off the barn completely as the front is completely open.

Thank you for contacting us. Non-toxic alternatives for the rat poison are our T-Rex Trappers and also our glue boards.

Trapper Rat Glue Board

Catchmaster Max Catch Giant Glue Board

Trapper Rat Glue Kit

Catchmaster Cold Temperature Glue Board Trap

Trapper T-Rex Snap Trap for Rats

Those are some of the alternatives for poison. The only cautionary advice about the T-Rex traps that we can give to you is to put it in a rat bait station. This is so that your pets are out of harm. Curious animals may get themselves caught or snapped on by the traps and the bait stations will hold the trap without the trap being tampered with.

Protect A Rats Bait Station is the station that the Trapper T-Rex for Rats will fit into.

Most of our glue boards are scented which will attract the rats. As far as the trappers go, you would have to use a bait of some sort, something that will attract the rats.

On top of that we suggest an attractant.

Provoke Rat Attractant

This does not have a killing effect, however, it will highly attract the rats. It is best to leave very little on a non-set trap to give the rodents a taste first and then to attract them with a real trap afterwards. You can also apply some of this attractant around the glue boards as to further attract the rodents.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Eliminate scent trails
What can I use around the perimeter of the house to eliminate the scent trails they leave? They go away then come back again in a few months.
A.   We have such an odor eliminator spray that will get rid of strong odors and is mainly used indoors called Bac-A-Zap. However, we cannot say that it will eliminate the scents that rodents leave behind on the outside. We apologize that we were not able to better assist you.
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Q. Rat infestation
Hi there. Here is my challenge: A rat infestation in the wild. Basically small palm groves where rat nest and spread from. What would be the best \"continuous\" rat control process and is there any difference between the Norway rat and black rat treatments. Ideally, I would be looking for a rat poison dispenser, something that presents a pellet until a rat grabs it and let room for another pellet to show up for the next rat...like a food dispenser for cat but one pellet at a time. The liquid bait stations are too cumbersome for my needs. Also, anything of any sort to put around the trunks of trees, something that would allow rat to go down but prevent its return? Any idea or suggestion? Thank you.
A.   Unfortunately, we do not have a dispenser like the one you are describing. We do have a liquid rat poison dispenser. The only suggestion we can really give you is to use rodenticide blocks that are used in bait stations. We do apologize that we are unable to provide you with the products or the types of products you are looking for
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Q. What's good to use to get rats to stay away from a car engine
Rats keep eating my engine wires
A.   Unfortunately, we do not carry any repellents for rats. You may be able to find a repellent at a local hardware store, a local pest control supply store, or a pest control professional. We apologize that we were not able to better assist you.
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