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Rat Traps
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There are a variety of rat control methods that will help a homeowner or business owner eradicate a rat infestation that has invaded their surrounding area. Of all the different types of control methods, Pest Mall provides rat traps that may be one of the most traditional ways to control rats in an infested area. Although they are one of the most traditional ways of control rat infestations, they remain one of the most effective ways to control rats that have invaded homes and businesses. They are also one of the most popular methods of rat control because they do not require any toxic poison bait.

There is a variety of rat traps available from Pest Mall. The two main different types of traps are snap traps and live animal traps.

Different Types of Traps

Snap traps are one of the most traditional methods of rat control in this industry. They are either the tradition wood snap traps or the newly designed plastic snap traps. Both types of snaps traps are activated when disturbed and is snapped by the force of a powerful spring. Both wood snap traps like the Victor Rat Trap and plastic traps like the T-Rex Rat Trap remain superior over other methods of control because they do not need any type of chemical or toxic poison bait to be effective. They instantly kill the rat on contact and gives visual results so that the homeowner or business owner knows exactly where to look for carcasses.

Live Traps are made available by Pest Mall and is a more humane method of rat control that is available in the industry. Just like the multiple mouse traps, live traps simply trap the rat and they are not killed on contact. When the trigger is released, the door in front of the trap shuts closed so that the rat cannot escape. Once the rat is trapped, the holes in the trap are too small for the rat to escape.

Benefits to Using Rat Traps

There are several reasons why traps remain superior over other methods of rat control even when chemicals may seem more powerful. Many homeowners or business owners are skeptical when it comes to poison baits because they have an unlimited number of possible safety hazards to children, pets, and non-target wildlife. Trapping rats is an alternate method of control that is effective without the use of poison baits. Moreover, traps provide fast results, whereas rat poison baits may take up to several days of feeding for the poison to begin affecting the target. This will prove true especially when rat infestations are small. Last but not least, traps provide a visual result which means that homeowners and business owners are able to check daily for a trapped rat. This allows for immediate removal of the carcass or trapped rat. Baiting on the other hand can lead to such problems as offensive odors and secondary poisoning when they wander off into inconspicuous areas and die.

How to Effectively Use Rat Traps

Rat traps do not require the use of food baits, however, if food bait is going to be used, remember to try and eliminate all other food sources that can provide competition against the bait. Eliminating other competitive food and water sources can increase chances of trapping rats with food bait. Also, just like poison baits should be fresh, traps should remain clean and in working condition. traps that have dust build up, insect build up, and traps that are shaky or wobbly can be ineffective. Rats are extremely inquisitive of their surrounding and therefore, shaky traps will most likely frighten the rats away before they are trapped. Also, keep in mind that pet odors can repel rats away from traps. Make sure to keep your hands clean before handling traps because cats and dogs remain natural predators for rats and their scent will avert rats making rat traps an ineffective method of rat control.

Protective gear such as gloves and a mask must be worn when handling the dead carcass of the rat. Wearing protective material will minimize chances of possible disease transfer from the carcass of the rat. Also, if there are small children or pets inside the house, remember to use a bait station to prevent possible harm.

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