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Roach Traps
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Effective Roach Control Tip Effective Roach Control Tips
Insecticides that are used to kill roaches can often times be used incorrectly or applied in an incorrect manner. This can lead to a variety of safety hazards that can potentially harm you and your family. There are safer alternatives to insecticides that Pest Mall provides which are roach traps. Furthermore, in order to gain a complete control over the roach infestation that has taken over your house, you must know what you are going up against. This will require not only trapping to kill the roaches but will also involve trapping to monitor the roach infestation. The roach traps that are provided by Pest Mall will support both a monitoring program and a method of control that will kill the roaches as well. Furthermore, the roach traps that are made available by Pest Mall are the same traps that professionals are using and are completely safe for use in areas where poisons and chemicals are discouraged or prohibited.

If there are any questions on how to set up the glue roach traps or which traps to purchase, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

What Are Roach Traps?

The roach traps that are provided by Pest Mall are glue based cardboard traps that are effective for both monitoring and trapping. The roach traps have been produced with glue that is specially designed trap insects, including cockroaches. Some of the roach traps that are available at Pest Mall are also specially designed to attract the roaches. They are scent based or pheromone based traps that naturally attract the roaches to the glue board. Although they are naturally baited to attract the roaches, the roach traps are non-poisonous and do not use toxic chemicals to kill the cockroaches that are caught on the board.

Importance of Roach Traps

Roach traps are important trapping devices that will capture and monitor the roach infestation in your structure. Professional pest control management companies, homeowners, business owners, and etc. will be able to use this to accurately determine the cockroach species that is infesting the structure, the location of the infestation or where the infestation is concentrated, and will also aid in determining the severity or size of the infestation. The roach traps will help control infestations, detect future infestations, help to prevent further infestations from occurring and some will even lure roaches away from their harboring area. Furthermore, the roach traps that are provided by Pest Mall attract almost all stages of the roaches including young nymphs and will catch both male and female sexes. Moreover, glue based roach traps are excellent tools that can be used in Integrated Pest Management programs because they do not require the use of pesticides to kill the cockroaches.

How to Effectively Use the Roach Traps

Roach traps provide control in areas that are thought to be heavily concentrated in cockroach infestations or areas that will potentially be key areas of infestations. Many roaches travel along corners under sinks, under and behind appliances like behind and under the stove, refrigerator, and washing machines, behind and under the toilets, window sills, near door frames, corners of the room and etc. Roach traps can remain effective for up to 4 months and must be replaced regularly. This is because of the natural build up that can change the glue including dust build up, debris build up, or too many insects that are caught on the trap.

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Q. what is the cost of roach glue trap?
what is the cost of roach glue trap? In India, where it is available? do you ship to India?
A.   The roach pheromone traps that are made by Victor costs $11.99 per 6 units (12 traps). We do not know if it is available in India or where you can purchase it in India. If you email us at, we can give you information on shipping costs to India. Since it does not have any particular chemical content, we will be able to ship to India. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. About 5 days ago, I noticed a r oach run across the floor and I purchased Hot Shot liquid roach bait and I haven't seen a roach since. This may or may not have gotten rid of the problem. Any suggestions?
A.   Roaches are common pests and it may be likely to see another roach in the future. If you live in an apartment or condo where the walls are attached to your neighbors, routine maintenance is recommended to keep their numbers under control.
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Q. maxforce roach station safe around cats
A.   Roach bait stations are safe to use around cats because the poison bait is enclosed inside a plastic tamper free station.
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