Roof Rats Control Products

Roof Rats Control Products
Size: 6 - 10"
Color: Black to light brown
Habitat: Near human habitats
Origin: Tropical Asia
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How to Control

Roof Rats are one of the most common types of rodents homeowners face. Compared to Norway Rats, Roof Rats are smaller and slimmer in size. These rats have many other aliases such as black rats and roof mice. Moreover, these "black rats" are not always black in color. Roof rats can be dark black to light brown. Adult Roof Rats can grow up to 10 inches including the tail. These rats are nocturnal so majority of their activity is during the night. In comparison to other rats, roof rats are better climbers. When fleeing, roof rats tend to head upwards rather than hiding ground level. Roof Rats reside in attics hence their given name, however when not in homes they can also be found in forests and woodlands. Warmer climates are where roof rats typically inhabit. When the environment is suitable, they will breed and create masses. Rats are social rodents who travel in packs. Producing mass offspring is key to their survival.

Roof Rats Control Products

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Rat Bait Stations Rat Control kits Rat Glue Traps Rat poison Baits Rat Traps

How to Get Rid of Roof Rats

Roof rats are considered pests due to several reasons. First and foremost, they simply cause too much damage in homes. Gnawing on food, wood, furniture, almost anything they can put their tiny little claws on. In addition, they can potentially carry numerous amounts of pathogens. From the bubonic plague, typhus, trichinosis and others, roof rats can spread sickness throughout your household. In terms of hygienic reasons, rats in general are filthy creatures. The smell they introduce to your homes can be enough to disgust your welcomed guests and scare them away, especially when their dead is laying around.

Roof rat control can be a handful depending on the size of your infestation. Management of rats requires a combination of several methods. From roof rat poisons to roof rat traps and reducing the accessibility of food and water, you will be able to get rid of roof rats. However, ongoing yearly application and prevention is needed to keep the rats out permanently.

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Q. So i think that we have what you guys may call roof rats. They small black rats running around the house. Most like about 6 had been caught in the basement. I have usually seen them appear in my room at night. We have put rat sticky paper trap around the house how can we get rid of them permanently? ?
A.   You may have an entry point where they are coming in from. Outside, you can set up bait stations with rodenticide in it so that they will eat the poison and be eliminated that way. Inside the house though, glue traps and snap traps are the most effective. If you have pets or children, please be cautious of placement so that they are not hurt by either trap. For more information, feel free to contact us again by email or by phone at 1-800-788-4142.
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Q. the glue traps only caught two babies the adult managed to get off the glue trap and damaged my ac ducts and tore off insulation. I want to know the best solution and or method to rid my attic of these destructive creatures. I started with a live trap then i went to a wk in mouse trap and then the glue trap. But there was a lot of activity up there after I discarded the first glue traps then I put out two more.
A.   The first step in getting rid of roof rats is always to inspect and locate the greatest sources of activity so you have a general idea of where to bait and trap them. If you can, you want to seal and block any entry points as much as possible as a preventative measure. As you know, trapping is preferred for indoor treatment. This will allow you to know whether the rat is killed and you can dispose of it yourself and prevent odor issues. Some traps we carry are the Trapper T-Rex Snap Traps and the Victor traps. The second option is using bait poisons. This will attract and kill the rodents as they ingest them. You want to make sure fresh bait is available so that they will continue to be attracted to them. Some bait poisons we carry are the Contrac Blox and Fastrac Blox. Keep in mind that treatment outdoors will ultimately prevent indoor infestations.
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