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Q. silverfish eat plastic ?
Hello.....I am a repeat customer. Have one question please, do SILVERFISH eat plastic, plastic bags, thick plastic bags, plastic containers? Thanks SO VERY MUCH.
A.   Thank you for contacting us with your question. Silverfish are not known to eat plastic at all. They feed on natural substances such as silk, cotton, fabrics, paper (books), etc. The only unusual substance they are known to feed on is glue. We actually do not know of any bugs that consume plastic.
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Q. bifenit 25%
How do I mix this for silvery control ?
A.   You will want to mix 1 oz of Bifen IT to 127 oz of water. This will give you 1 gallon of solution.
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Q. how to kill silverfish bug
Hi, I am having a silverfish problem and I need something that is going to kill them. I have sprayed using that ortho home defense stuff and had an exterminator come out three times in the past month and a half and the silverfish just wont die.
A.   We recommend the products Dekko Silverfish bug Packs and a concentrate insecticide like Lambastar cs. Spray all base boards, window frames, door frames, behind the toilets, under the sinks and etc. We also recommend treating the outside perimeter of the house, also targetting window frames and door frames. Dekko Silverfish Packs do not require any mixing or preparation. They are simply cardboard packs with inserts of Boric Acid. Place them in isolated areas of infestation and the silverfish will eat through the paper and into the boric acid. Switch out packs every 3 months.
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Q. Can you find these silver fish just floating around in the water if so can it becoming from my water supply?
A.   Silverfish are highly attracted to humid and moist areas, which may explain why many households that have a silverfish infestation will find them in the bathroom trapped in the sink or tub. You can place a Dekko silverfish pack behind the toilet and under the sink in the bathroom.
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Q. Silverfish Control
what products would you recommend for silverfish. I have a 2 story house with wood floors throughout. These insects can be found in all areas of the house. I'm thinking something they digest and take back to there nest to kill the rest. The product would have to be hardwood floor safe. I do have an attic and the house sits on a raised foundation. I don't have any children nor pets. any recommendations?
A.   Since silverfish are not scavengers or will not feed on the dead carcasses of other silverfish, secondary kill is not possible with silverfish.

The best product we can really recommend is the Dekko Silverfish Packs.

Each pack is placed in any areas of concentrated silverfish infestations and are replaced every three months
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Q. Silver fish in random places,best solution?
I moved into this house about a year ago and discovered these things! I never had them in my old house. I find them upstairs sometimes in my bathroom, bedroom, and general hallway area. I see a few every now and then but I see more of them as the weather warms up. What's the most effective product I can use in this situation and are there any outdoor items I could use to prevent them from coming in? Thanks!!!!
A.   Indoors, you can use bait called Dekko Silverfish Packs. The packs do not have to be opened. Just place them around isolated areas of infestation and the silverfish will eat through the glue on the side to get to the poison bait. Outdoors, any broad spectrum insecticide like Talstar Pro or Suspend will kill silverfish on contact. You should apply insecticide as a barrier perimeter treatment.
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Q. silverfish??
I recently found some bugs on my wall. They looked like tiny tiny magets. they were also in a triangle formation stuck on the wall. they crawled when blown. They looked like a grey line with a black dot as a head. Can you please tell me what they are?
A.   I don't think those are silverfish. Silverfish have a distinct tear drop shape with three appendages that come out from the end of their bodies. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to identify the pest without seeing what it is first. You can email us at info@pestmall.com with a picture so that we can try to identify it for you or you can take a sample to a local pest control company. Samples can be collected by sticking a piece of tape on the insect and placing it in a zip-lock-bag.
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Q. Pets and silver fish extermination products
I have silver fish and dogs. What products can I use that are safe for the dogs but kill the silver fish? Thanks.
A.   The only product we carry that can be sent internationally is the Dekko Silverfish Packs. These place packs must be placed in areas that the dog cannot reach. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. how to kill silverfish
I have silverfish/firebrats in my apartment.I need help.

Usually signs of silverfish or firebrats could indicate a moisture problem, so you may want to do a thorough inspection to make sure there is no leakage anywhere.

Depending on where you are finding the silverfish or firebrats, recommended chemicals for treatment may vary. Most common places that silverfish and firebrats are found are in the bathroom area.

For indoor spot treatment in those areas we highly recommend Alpine Pressurized Insecticide Spray.

You may also want to do a outdoor perimeter treatment to keep future ones from foraging indoors.

For outdoor treatment a liquid concentrated insecticide such as Masterline Bifenthrin 7.9 is recommended over aerosol insecticides.

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Q. Silverfish in the house
it's those awful silverfish! I've tried the Dekko paper things....no help at all. They are all over the house! Bedroom, closets, cabinets, kitchen drawers, bathrooms. Not a day goes by that we don't see one. Thanks for your help!

We are sorry to hear of your silverfish infestation. Dekko silver fish packs are most effective when placed inside of drawers or closets. But it seems that you are quite heavily infested with the silver fish.

Therefore I recommend that you use an aerosol spray such as Cy-Kick aerosol.

It has a one month residual time and you can use this aerosol spray to treat cracks and crevice areas along the walls or along pipes in the bathroom and any other place where you see their presence.

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