Smoky Brown Cockroach

Smoky Brown Cockroach
Size : About 1"
Color : Dark brown to black
Infestation : Plants / indoor
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Smoky Brown Cockroach Control

This species of cockroach has been coined the name smoky brown cockroach because of their deep mahogany color that they possess as full grown adult cockroaches. Although they are not native to the United States, it is unknown where they come from. The smoky brown cockroaches are common in the southern region of the United States but there have been instances where they were found as far north as Iowa.

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Smoky Brown Cockroach Identification

Adult smoky brown cockroaches are about 1 inch to 1.25 inches long. The color is a uniform, shiny brownish black color. Some people describe it as a deep mahogany color. Both female and male sexes possess wings that extend beyond their bodies; however, the female wings are a bit shorter than the wings of male smoky brown cockroaches. Unlike a lot of the other species of cockroaches that possess wings, smoky brown cockroaches are good fliers. Also, something that is unique about this species is that they are attracted to lights.

The first stage of the nymphal instars is black in color and then as they molt they begin to change into a brown color. Most of the segments are dark in color except for the second abdominal segment being a pale to almost white color. The younger nymphs possess antennae that are uniformly brown in color except for the few segments on the end. As they develop into older nymphs, the white segment on the antennae moves from the end closer to the base. During the final stages of the nymphal period, the antennae are uniform in color. All stages of nymphs do not possess wings.

The egg capsule is generally a dark brown or a black color. They are no more than 8 mm long and will carry about 10 to 14 eggs on each side.

Life Cycle of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Temperature has a strong influence on the developmental time of smoky brown cockroaches and the developmental time averages about 600 days. After the developmental period has ended and the nymphs have fully matured to adult smoky brown cockroaches, the adults are able to live for another 215 days or so. After the female has produced the egg capsule, she will attach it to a flat surface or the surface of an object within about one day. On average, a female cockroach will produce about 10 egg capsules. Each egg capsule holds about an average of 20 eggs.

Habitat of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Smoky brown cockroaches are the most common outdoors. Because smoky brown cockroaches lose their moisture through their cuticles more freely than other species, they prefer areas that are protected, dark, moist, and warm. They also prefer areas that are away from air flows that can potentially dry out an area. These described areas are places like ground surfaces that are covered with leaf litter, vines, mulch, wood piles, and etc. Also, because of their vulnerability to avid fluid loss, they do not move as frequently as other cockroach species.

Although smoky brown cockroaches are the most frequently found in the outdoor environment, they do enter commercial buildings and homes enough to become a nuisance. Also, many times, once they enter a building, if there are preferable conditions, they will most likely remain inside and being to breed indoors. They usually enter a building during the night through any cracks or crevices where the light shines through. Also, smoky brown cockroaches are excellent fliers which allow them to enter structures through attics and are commonly found in areas like gutters, eaves of the porch, flat rooftops, and etc.

Smoky Brown Cockroaches Inside the House

Although they are primarily spotted outdoors, smoky brown cockroaches will settle indoors if there is an adequate food source. They do typically feed on decaying organic matter and sometimes they will even feed on plant materials outside. However, because they will eat anything of nutritional value, once they are inside, they usually remain indoors.

How to Get Rid of Smoky Brown Cockroaches

Typically, because smoky brown cockroaches come from outdoors and do not normally nest inside the building, it is good to practice exclusion. Outdoor treatment is necessary in keeping smoky brown cockroaches out of the house. Use an appropriately labeled microencapsulated formula liquid spray or a wet-able powder spray to create a barrier around the home. All cracks and crevices should be caulked and sealed. Also, homeowners must make sure that all screens are not torn and that they fit tightly into the window frame. All exterior vents and vent openings should be screened. As a preventative measure, dense ground covers should be removed and tree holes should be filled or removed.

Standard procedures for roach control will apply in the same manner to kill smoky brown cockroaches; however, because smoky brown cockroaches are good fliers, making sure that baits are applied to the attic area is crucial in smoky brown cockroach control. Keep in mind that all product labels and MSDS labels should be thoroughly reviewed before any pesticides are applied in and around structures.

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