Dr.T's Snake-A-Way Repellent - 28 lbs. (NOT FOR SALE TO CA, AK, HI)
Dr.T's Snake-A-Way Repellent - 28 lbs. (NOT FOR SALE TO CA, AK, HI)

Dr.T's Snake-A-Way Repellent - 28 lbs. (NOT FOR SALE TO CA, AK, HI)

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Dr.T's Snake-A-Way Repellent - 28 lbs. (NOT FOR SALE TO CA, AK, HI)
1 pail(S)(28 lbs.)

Dr. T's Snake-A-Way is the worlds only EPA registered, university tested, and patented snake repellent that is highly effective on both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. Dr. Ts Snake-A-Way granule repels snakes by attacking their sensory perceptions.When it rains, the Dr. Ts Snake-A-Way will not get washed away and still have the same great effect. The granule lasts around 2-3 months. Dr. Ts Snake-A-Way is recommended to be used with a handle spreader, which will allow you to spread an even layer.

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PDFDr,T Snake-A-Way Product Label

PDFDr.T Snake-A-Way Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Dr.T's Snake-A-Way Repellent - 28 lbs.

Snake-A-Way is a professionally tested granular repellent that is applied around the perimeter of the area to be protected. When snakes come in contact with Snake-A-Way they are deterred because it interferes with their sensory reception system.

Target Pest(s): Poisonous and Nonpoisonous Snakes
Manufactured By: Dr.T
Active Ingredient: Naphthalene - 7.0%, Sulfur - 28.0%
Size: 28 lbs.
Yield/Application: 4 lbs. Treats up to 1/4 acre lot with home.
Not For Sale To: CA, AK, HI

Useful Tips You May Need to Know


Spring - Most Active Season

- Protects your family when they need it the most

Summer - Active and Dangerous

- Protects your family during outdoor activities

Fall - Hibernation and Denning

- Prevent denning around homes, garages and pool houses

- Prevent snakes from having their offspring in your yard and home areas

Description: Apply around houses, cabins, trailers, garages, barns, woodpiles, trash cans, flower beds, or anywhere that snakes are undesired. Apply Snake-A-Way in spring when the snakes are most active, summer when the families are most exposed to the outdoors, and fall to prevent spring infestations arriving from hibernation and dinning.

Please refer to follow the information on Dr.T's Snake-A-Way Repellent label.

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I can only speak on the carpenter bee traps. We put out four this year (early April) when the carpenter bees came back. Last year we filled, treated and put fresh stain on wood soffits after season in November. We put out traps this year hoping to deter more holes and more bee infestation. The traps didn't work. We swatted them with a tennis racket, put the dead ones inside the bottle in hopes the phermone smell would attract other bees, it didn't. We took dead bees smash and wiped the four holes of each trap, still didn't work. Our last resort is to restain the wood again now before any get inside the wood. We hope the smell of the new stain will be a deterrent. At this point we have sprayed inside the old holes with Sevin Dust, put Seven Dust in the wood filler when filling the old holes last year and coated over with a clear stain. They are driving us crazy.

- teresa bradshaw -
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