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Spider Control

If you are wondering what spider killer is available to help you get rid of Spiders, you have come to the right place. Most of our population is terrified of spiders, but did you know that most spiders are harmless to humans? Even though spiders look poisonous and deadly, for the most part, general household spiders lack the venom. Moreover, spiders that can potentially harm a human only attack when they feel threatened. In some countries, spiders are actually honored as a crucial part of nature and its process. For more information on how to kill Spiders with the best spider killer products on the market, please feel free to continue reading or do not hesitate to contact us.

Spiders Treatment

Before looking for the best spider killer or other methods of how to get rid of Spiders, we recommend getting to know the behavior and biology of spiders. After understanding their biology, you will be able to find a spider killer product that will best suit the infestation.

Unlike ants and other insects, spiders are usually around all year long. You would think they would fall into the category of the general insect population causing havoc only during warmer seasons. Not spiders. As temperatures drop towards the end of the year, spiders seek a warmer location to reside. In addition, another reason why spiders enter homes is to replenish their diet eating other insects caught indoors. These unwelcomed creepy crawlers can make their way into your home through various means such as cracks and crevices, doors, windows, etc.

An interesting fact about spiders is that they cannot eat solids. The only way they can eat is by spitting acid enzymes at their captured prey, liquifying them in the process then ingesting them. Spiders are generally a social species. However, some spiders are loners and are very aggressive like the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider (which are the most common household spiders to date). In addition to their aggressiveness, they are among the most dangerous spiders located in North America and spider control should be enforced.

How to Get Rid of Spiders: Effective Spider Killer Products

To efficiently keep spiders out of your home, the best method to get rid of Spiders is to apply concentrated pesticides and focus on prevention by using the appropriate spider killer. Listed below are the suggested management methods for spider control.

Spider Control Product Types

  • How to kill Spiders: Aerosol Sprays for Spider Control
    Fast knock down kill for indoor and outdoor use.
  • How to kill Spiders: Dust Insecticide for Spider Control
    Residual control for contact kills that does not absorb moisture.
  • How to kill Spiders: Powder Insecticides for Spider Control
    Residual control ideal for prevention and spot treatments.
  • How to kill Spiders: Liquid Insecticides for Spider Control
    Residual control of spiders for outdoor and indoor use.
  • How to kill Spiders: Web Eliminators for Spider Control
    Remove and prevent cobwebs effectively and naturally.

Spider Killer: Spider Repellent Spray

There are various locations where you can focus your spot treatments for effective spider control. Locations include: inside your home, outside your home, attic and crawl spaces, and areas where the infestation is clearly visible. To go more in detail, you should target the foundation, door and window frames, vent openings, wire/cable entry points, and deck/patio areas. It is highly recommended to follow up with your control method again afterwards to ensure total eradication of your spider infestation.

For more information on how to get rid of Spiders or how to kill Spiders with the appropriate insecticide, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. Is Suspend SC the best general use product for residential control?
I see that you recommend Suspend SC for spider control, yet the description for Suspend doesn't specifically list spiders. Is it really effective, or is there something better? My primary control needs are spiders and pillbugs (our condo was vacant for over a year before we bought it, and seems to be overrun with pillbugs. I also see more spiders than I care to). I would like to make my home very uninviting for ALL bugs though. Is Suspend SC my best option? Also for outside spraying, how wide of a band do you recommend spraying around the house? How often inside and out? Does Suspend SC only kill, or does it also serve to repel? Need something serious, as the common consumer-grade sprays I've tried that are sold in the big-box stores seems pretty lame.
A.   Suspend SC is a very effective product for general house pests such as spiders, pillbugs, etc. It can be used both indoors and outdoors for thorough treatment. We recommend using about a 3 feet band for perimeter treatment. It has a residual time of about 3-4 months. It is not a repellent and kills insects that come in contact with the product. Suspend SC is a very popular product used by professionals.
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Q. I have a warehouse / hobbyshop with a lot of spider webs but I never see any spiders.
A.   The spider webs could have been abandoned by the spiders. It would be best to treat the area with a liquid concentrated insecticide for long term control.
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Q. How to get rid of spiders, ants, and centipedes
I see a few spiders, ants and centipedes in my house as the days get warmer. I would like to know which product is most effective for indoor use and which would be most effective in keeping these types of bugs out.
A.   Barrier treatments on the outside perimeter of the house are necessary for keeping such crawling insects out of the house. Suspend SC is a great product with a broad spectrum of insect pests that can be used inside and outside. If using around people and pets, make sure that the treated area is completely dry before reentry.
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Q. a fog bomb set and fill the aria with fog
A.   Unfortunately, we are unable to understand your inquiry. Please be more specific with your inquiry so that we are able to better assist you. If you prefer, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-788-4142.
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Q. CAn i use Demon or Cyper Wp or Suspend SC in my whole house mister that has the nozzles around the outside perimeter
Stuff they use now is expensive and does not work on spiders. just nats and mosquitoes and other flying insects.
A.   We recommend using Onslaught Fastcap in order to mist around the perimeter of the house. The Onslaught Fastcap specifically targets spiders and scorpions.
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Q. product for spiders on boat
I need a little bit of assistance choosing a product for a specific application: I have a spider problem on the deck of a boat. While most good pesticides would work with great residual if this was a house, I need a product that will stick to the boat deck even when exposed to weather conditions. Is there a product that is more weather proof than the cyper WP and suspend SC I use now?
A.   A product like Onslaught Insecticide that uses a capsulated suspension of the active ingredient may give you a longer residual time but since all sprays will breakdown with harsh weather conditions, it is difficult to tell you if there is a product that will last the longest.
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Q. spiders killer
I want to get the spider control kit at $59.00. My question is, how safe is this with 5 cats who hunt, kill and eat bugs of all sorts in my home and garage? I love my babies. I do not want any mishaps at all. Please advise.
A.   The products are all labeled for indoor and outdoor use. It is safe to use indoors. It is also safe for you and your pets once the products have dried, or settled.

If you pets were to consume a small amount of the product, it shouldn't be too harmful, but I would still take any precaution.

Your pet may feel dizziness if it were to consume some amount of it, but it shouldn't be overly hazardous. I would definitely contact the manufacturer and confirm with them.
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Q. Spider Infestation
We have had a long (several years) run of spiders on my property inside and out. At night I can shine a light and see all the spiders eyes and I try to stomp them all (not very successful). Inside I see them coming in. I have used Demand CS before and have had positive results. Is there something better that I should be using? We also use local pest control but nothing is getting rid of them. They are in the attic too as I have pulled back insulation and observed them. Suggestions? Many thanks!!!
A.   Yikes, that doesn't sound good! Sorry to hear about the massive spider infestation that you are having to deal with. Demand CS is a microencapsulated pesticide which is excellent for spider control as you have already experienced. We do have a product called Onslaught Fastcap which is designed for spider and scorpion treatment. Other than that product Demand CS is definitely a go to product for spider treatment. Good luck!
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Q. Kill spider & cricket
I need to know which is good pest control for outdoor home for general insects with spider & cricket.
A.   Outdoor control will usually involve a perimeter or barrier treatment around the structure as well as a granular insecticide application. Suspend SC is a great product to use to spray for the barrier treatment and Cyonara LP is a popular granular product for outdoor pest control.
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Q. spider control for marina's
I need to know if there is anything that can be used for controling spider problems at boat marina's on lakes in MO. Any kind of a misting system that could be in stalled and mantained like a Mosquito control system but only for spiders. Thanks
A.   We do not have a misting system that can be used for spider control. However we do have pesticides with a residual time that will help control the spider treatment.

Demon WP would be a highly recommended insecticide to use. Wettable powder forms of pesticides tend to last a little bit longer than the liquid concentrated pesticides.

However because it is a wettable powder it may have a hazy residual on dark surfaces.

If you want to use an aerosol can spray for your convenience, a recommended product to use would be Cy-kick Aerosol. However Cy-kick only has a residual time up to 1 month, where as the concentrated liquid or the wettable powder forms of pesticides will last up to 3 months.
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