Stink Bugs Control Products

Stink Bugs Control Products
Size: 0.68"
Color: Brown or Green
Habitat: Plants and shrubs
Found: Worldwide
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Need To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs?

New Stink Bugs-Kudzu Bugs Pictures

Stink bugs are approximately 0.68" long and are colored in shades of brown or green. Stink bugs are harmless to humans. However, they could become pests once they're in your home. Stink bugs, similar to skunks, release an unpleasant odor as a defense mechanism preventing predators from attacking, hence their name "Stink" Bugs. Moreover, stink bugs release this smell almost every time they land to ensure protection around them. The worst part is, the smell will last a very long time (up to 6 months!) and it will attract more stink bugs, creating a hibernating bin. Could you imagine if you had a stink bug infestation within your home? It is vital that you apply concentrated pesticides to get rid of them before your stink bug problem gets worse. For more information on the appropriate stink bug spray, please feel free to continue reading or do not hesitate to give us a call.

Stink Bug Treatment: Stink Bug Spray

Stink bugs will not only "stink" up your house, but they could also cause severe damage to your garden. Their diet usually portrays of fruits and vegetables (they have also been seen eating other smaller insects). Because of their picky eating habits, stink bugs nibble small bites here and there switching from fruit to fruit, vegetable to vegetable. Thus, potentially damaging your whole garden in just a couple of days. Like many other insects, stink bugs are also attracted to warmth, which is one of the reasons why these bugs are often found indoors. Because we have an idea of what the target areas are, we can use stink bug spray to spray in those target locations, both inside and outside of the house.

Stink Bug Control

When managing these pests, be sure to be careful. In addition to their horrible smell, stink bugs can also bite. In terms of stink bug insecticide and choosing which insecticide to go with all depends on the infestation location. There are various ways to treat stink bugs. If your outside garden is your main concern, you should look into permethrin concentrated insecticides which includes granules and stink bug sprays. If indoor infestation is your problem, you need cypermethrin concentrated sprays. Cypermetrhin based sprays can be used as a killer spray and repellent spray. Moreover, you should also look into dust and powder form insecticides. Applying dust and powder form insecticides can be very helpful covering crawl spaces and crevices. Ensure the control of your stink bug problem by combining different formats of insecticides.

Stink Bug Control Product Types

  • Concentrated Liquid Insecticides for Stink Bugs
    Wide variety of liquid insecticides to handle outdoor & indoor stink bugs.
  • Stink Bug Aerosol Sprays
    Use professional grade stink bug sprays to manage your stink bugs.
  • Outdoor Stink Bug Granular Baits
    Perfect for outdoor preventive stink bug insecticide. Particularly great for gardeners.
  • Dust Insecticides
    Used for crack and crevices. Prevent stink bugs from sneaking in while dehydrating them.
  • Powder Form Insecticides
    Also used for crack and crevices. Effective spot treatment.
  • Stink Bug Kits
    We recommend our stink bug kits to all of our patrons. Be prepared for stink bugs using several suggested pro-grade stink bug pest control products that will include stink bug spray and dust.

Kill and Remove Stink Bugs: Stink bug spray

Stink bugs can be spotted during the fall and winter months. During the fall, you will begin to notice more stink bugs invading your home. Prevent this from happening by taking preventative measures. Use our professional grade insecticides to remove and kill stink bugs. Stink bugs can be a nuisance when getting rid of them, so it is recommended that you act ahead of time using our presented treatments below. Rely on our pest control stink bug products to effectively remove your stink bugs.

to effectively remove your stink bugs.

For more information on how to get rid of stink bugs and stink bug spray, please feel free to call us at 1-800-788-4142.

Do You Have a Question about this Product? Ask Our Experts!

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Q. Talstar Pro - can this product be used in a vegetable garden and sprayed directly on tomato and pepper plants? Can the soil be treated before plants start to bear?
A.   No, it cannot be used in vegetable gardens nor sprayed directly onto tomatoes and pepper plants, nor any plants for that matter. The soil to the garden cannot be treated with a residual spray.
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Q. marmorated stink bug
What products do you suggest for stink bugs in the attic? They come in via the roof ridge vent and the smallest cracks between soffit and siding.
A.   Good Morning, Thank you for contacting us with your concern. For the control of Brown marmorated stink bugs, the active ingredient bifenthrine works best. Some products I can recommend would be Talstar Pro, Masterline Bifenthrine, or Bifen IT. It is recommended that you spray both indoors and outdoors where ever you believe they are foraging in from. Stink bugs cannot reproduce indoors because they do not have a food source to host on. Therefore they will not be able to servive long once they manage to get indoors. If there is anything else we can assist you with. Please contact us via email, chat, or by phone.
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Q. brown stink bugs
The stink bugs have taken over my garage and i wouldlike to know what i can to get rid of them.Is it possible to fog the garage. Pleas advise milton
A.   Fogging is not recommended because it has a very small long term effect. Talstar Pro is a brown stink bugs liquid insecticide that you dilute with water and use as a spray. In your garage, apply the spray around the garage door frame where they can be coming in from and also, it is advised to do a barrier treatment around the perimeter of the structure.
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Q. brown marmorated stink bug
What affect does your brown marmorated stink bug spray and powder have on pets? I have a cat and a dog don't want to harm them.
A.   It all depends on what product you want to purchase. Most brown marmorated stink bug aerosol sprays are safe to use indoors as long as the treated areas are left to dry before people or animals come in contact with the treated area again.

There are some liquid brown marmorated stink bug insecticides that are safe to use indoors as well. Dust products are usually NOT safe or consumable for small children and animals.

However, dust products are used for spot treatment in areas of very little or no traffic. Although they treat areas with little or no traffic, there are chances that animals or small children may find the dust. There is just one dust that is natural which is Mother Earth Dust. However, all dusts can be inhaled during application which may potentially be harmful.

Therefore, when you are using indoor pesticides, you must remove the animal and all people from the treated area until the pesticide is dry (typically about 2-3 hours after treatment). Also, keep in mind that all product labels must be thoroughly reviewed before use.

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Q. My stink bug problem is mostly outdoor
I have many stink bugs on the exterior of the house. There are a few inside but not critical. I have a lawn and blue rug scrubs and mulch in the lawn area. What would the best product for lasting outdoor application
A.   For stink bugs, we recommend a pyrethroid insecticide which is an insecticide that uses a pyrethroid active ingredient like Deltamethrin, Bifenthrin, Cyfluthrin or etc. Of the products we carry, we usually recommend Suspend SC, Talstar Pro, OR Cykick-CS. Any of these products can be used outdoors on ornamentals and on the lawn to kill stink bugs as long as it is not near a fruit tree or a vegetable garden. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. Stickbugs control product
I am inundated with stink bugs. Is there any "positive"way to be sure to safely get rid of them?
A.   Masterline Bifenthrin may be the most effective way to rid of stink bugs. It is safe for you indoors and outdoors after the treated areas are dry.

The stink bugs are entering inside from outdoors, this can be anywhere in the basement, attic, or in the living floors where there is a window or entry way, or any crack and crevice on your structure.

To prevent them from entering, something called a "barrier treatment" is going to need to be applied. This is creating a barrier around the perimeter of your structure with the diluted solution of Masterline Bifenthrin and water. From the base of the structure, you will need to spray about 4 feet high and 4 feet out, also spraying around window frames, door frame, the garage door frame, and any utility pipes that are leading to the inside of the structure.

Indoors, you should spray where you are seeing infestations, window sills, entry door frames (front door, back door, door to garage).

You will also need to seal any open cracks and crevices. It sounds like hard work, once you begin, it should be a non-difficult task. Also, please keep in mind that you should always read the product label thoroughly before applying any professional pesticide. Also, when the pesticide is applied, please allow at least 2-3 hours for the solution to dry before you come in contact with the treated area again.

If you have any further questions regarding Masterline Bifenthrin, dilution rates, or how to apply Masterline Bifenthrin, please feel free to contact us again via e-mail or telephone at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. stink bugs product question
I am trying to erradicate stink bugs from my home - you have a variety of products listed - I'd like to be able to use a sprayer rather than a duster - but which of your products is most effective on specifically stink bugs? Thanks
A.   Suspend SC is very effective against stink bugs as it has a 3 month residual time and contains 40% of the active ingredient. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again. Thank you.
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Q. How do I get rid of brown bugs on my vegetables?
I noticed tons of brown bugs (looks a little like ladybugs) all over my basil, mint, and tomato plants. They have only been there for a couple of days. There is no noticable damage to the plants, but there are hundreds of them. How can I get rid of them?
A.   We believe that the bugs that you are talking about are the Kudzu bugs which are a type of stink bug. Unfortunately, we do not have any products that can be applied to your vegetable plants in your garden. Normally, on non-fruit bearing plants and trees or in gardens that do not bear fruits or vegetables, inanimate objects and surfaces, and indoors, we will recommend an insecticide called Lambdastar 9.7 but this product cannot be applied to a vegetable garden.
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Q. stink bug killer
Will the V Clean Out effectively kill the stink bugs in my attic?
A.   Stink bugs are not included on the targeted pests list on the product label for V-Clean Out. Although they may rid of stink bugs for a short while, the product may not be targeting stink bugs and they may appear again. Foggers have a very short residual and may be ineffective for overwintering stink bugs that have made a home inside of yours.

As far as aerosol sprays go, CY-Kick Aerosol with a longer residual can be applied to cracks and crevices and liquid insecticides may be the most effective.

Liquid insecticides that you have to dilute with water, like Masterline Bifenthrin 7.9, have a longer residual and a larger coverage
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Q. How to treat stink bugs
Does your product harm dogs or cats if used indoor or outdoors?
A.   Because of the chemical content of our products, there is always potential danger with direct contact and consumption of the product. Depending on the product, some of them are safe to use around pets and children. Also, some products are safe to use both indoor and outdoor, other are restricted to outdoor use or just indoor use. If you would provide us with the product name, we may be able to better assist you and give you detailed information on whether or not it may harm your pet. Thank you.
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