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Rodent Proofing Copper Mesh - 20 ft. Roll
5 of 5 Stars!
Customers reviews (16)

Review : Rodent Proofing Copper Mesh - 20 ft. Roll

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5 of 5 Stars!August 01, 2010
By Elisabeth Chappell
Very effective it does a great job.
5 of 5 Stars!Easy and effectiveFebruary 14, 2013
By Jan J (Massachusetts)
This product seems to have kept mice from re-entering my attic. It was very easy to stuff into the most likely entry points. Unlike steel wool, which I had previously tried, this product holds up and doesn't rust.
5 of 5 Stars!October 06, 2011
By Ruby Rich
This copper mesh product is a complete suit perfect to be used when you are dealing with rodent control.
5 of 5 Stars!August 11, 2010
By Chris.K
Theres this mice in my house who keeps out smarting me.. it's ridiculous. when i place traps it walks around the traps instead of through it and it even made a hole in my closet wall. i';m guessing thats where it lives... so when i first closed up the hole with cement the thing made another hole right by it. Yes it's driving me nuts... so i just covered it up with this stuff it copper wire mesh after i did some research and it seems to be working?
5 of 5 Stars!February 27, 2011
By Lucille Beasley
Thanks to copper mesh for Shipping time was great and phone support was also good.
5 of 5 Stars!copper stuffJanuary 28, 2010
By Melvin Reddy
Thank you Copper Mesh for your amazing service.
5 of 5 Stars!Rodent proofing copper meshSeptember 15, 2014
By Mary K. (Illinois)
Mesh arrived very quickly. This product seems to be working to keep mice out.
5 of 5 Stars!September 30, 2010
By Joanne Tyson
Made of good quality product and sold at an affordable rate. It is Professional copper wool. Great product.
5 of 5 Stars!February 08, 2011
By Constance Kramer
It was worth the money I spent. It was really a great buy.
5 of 5 Stars!December 20, 2010
By James Siegel
is just the right product for to you to use to protect you from bat.
5 of 5 Stars!February 08, 2012
By Dale Heitshusen (dallas, texas)
Great service, prompt shipping.
5 of 5 Stars!February 14, 2011
By Natalie McCarthy
Great product. And costs less compared to other copper mesh products.
4 of 5 Stars!Copper screenMarch 17, 2014
By S.H (ohio)
Great product,great price and great service
5 of 5 Stars!January 21, 2011
By Curtis Gentry
Best for your protection against rat.
5 of 5 Stars!June 06, 2011By Joann Randall
5 of 5 Stars!July 01, 2010By Toni Copeland

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i thought i would ask one more time for a feedback rating before i send one for you, i received product yesterday thanks

- steve -
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