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Termite Control

Termite Tretment VideoTermite Treatment Info & Video

If you have come in search of information on how to get rid of termites or the best termite treatment, you have come to the right pleace. Pest Mall offers a myriad of Termites control methods with all the professional grade termite killer products that are available on the market. With the right termites treatment, you will easily be able to complete an effective termite control program for your house.

Termites are small to mid-sized frail insects. Classified under a caste system, termites are defined by three main social classes; reproductive termites, soldier termites and worker termites. The reproductive termites are the only termites with wings and are dark brown to blackish in color. Soldiers and workers are creamy white in color. The best way to distinguish the two is to compare its jaws size. Soldier termites have noticeably large pinchers called pincers. For more information on how to kill Termites or the best termite treatment, please continue to read further to find how to kill Termites or do not hesitate to contact us with questions on Termites control.

Termite Control Products

Liquid Termite Control Borate Wood Treament Termite Spray Termite Bait System Termite Foam
Termite Liquid insecticides Borate Wood Treaments Termite Sprays Termite Bait Systems Termite Foams
Termite Granules Termite Dust
Termite Granules Termite Dusts

How to Kill Termites: Termite Identification

The best termite treatment comes as you are able to identify the species. To get rid of Termites, it is important to know what species you have, what termite killer is appropriate to use, and where/how to use the termites treatment products that we offer. The following is information on the behavior of termites, which will help you to find the best methods of Termites control for your home.

As we all know termites are considered one of the most destructive pests for homeowners. This is because of their wood diet, which can lead to destructive behavior on the house. If you do not detect or act quickly, termite treatment can become very expensive. History records billions of dollars worth of damages each year caused by these pests. Even though we stereotype termites as wood eaters, termites also crave for paper, insulation and other components of a house. Very few homeowners are not aware that termite damage is not widely covered under their homeowner’s insurance policy. When termite infestation is obvious, we encourage our patrons to immediately and proactively take steps towards protecting their homes against termites and finding the proper termites treatment products to get rid of Termites as quickly and effectively as possible. First and foremost, you should identify your termite problem. Each termite has its own uniqueness in terms of colony location, geographical location and preference of wood. There are four different kinds of termites you should be aware of: Drywood Termites, Formosan Termites, Subterranean Termites and Damp Wood Termites. For more information about each termite, please click the above corresponding links. Depending on the species of the termites, the method of Termites control will change. To find the best termite treatment for the species that has infested your home, please feel free to contact us.

How to Get Rid of Termites: Proper Termites Control

Termites can potentially show up during any time of the year, but generally problems associated with termites come about during the spring time. Due to warmer climates and rainy days, it is this time of year where termites flourish, which may call for an effective termite killer. Termite colonies start to “spring” up and most of the time it is very difficult to manage. Due to subterranean and inner wood complications, with most termite situations, it is recommended to hire professional assistance for the best termite treatment and a home inspection should be called upon for a thorough check to verify the stage and severity of your termite infestation. Majority of termite problems do require professionals for controlled solutions. However, “doing it yourself” is encouraged when termite prevention is a concern to save money. For a reliable termite monitor and preventive control or the appropriate termites treatment with the baiting termite treatment method, we suggest looking into our Termite Baiting Systems.

Remember, identifying your termite species is crucial before any prevention control method or termite killer is applied due to termites’ location preferences. For instance, Subterranean termites prefer residing underground in soil while others, such as drywood termites will never touch soil and form their colonies within their wood resource. This may mean that, depending on the species, you will get rid of Termites with a ground termite treatment or use a labeled termite killer directly onto the area of infestation. Moreover, choosing the wrong termites control method for a certain termite will be ineffective and above all, a waste of money. After identifying your termite species, you can then select the right Termites control method that will help you achieve the best termite treatment with all the right termite killer products.

Termite Control Products: Termite Killer

  • How to kill Termites with Termiticide (Termite Insecticide)
    This type of termite treatment is one of the more popular and sought out types of termites treatment that homeowners inquire about. Termites treatment in repellent and non-repellent forms are available when using a liquid termite killer to get rid of termites.
  • How to kill Termites with Termite Baiting System
    This may be one of the most effective termites treatment or perhaps the best termite treatment in regards to environmental safe treatment methods. This termites treatment is intended for monitoring termites and size of infestation.
  • Get rid of Termites with Wettable Powder Insecticides
    This type of insecticide is perfect when you are trying to get rid of Termites in cracks and crevices.
  • How to kill Termites with Termite Aerosol Sprays
    This is the best termite treatment when it is used for smaller infestations and spot treatments. For more information on how to kill termites in deep cracks or crevices or even more information on spot treatment, please contact us.

Termite Killer: Termite Treatment and How to get rid of Termites

Remember, identifying your termite species is crucial when you are trying to get rid of termites. It is important to identify the termite species before any prevention control method is applied due to termites’ location preferences. Subterranean termites prefer residing underground in soil while others, such as drywood termites will never touch soil and form their colonies within their wood resource. Moreover, choosing the wrong control method for a certain termite will be ineffective and above all, a waste of money. After identifying your termite species, you can then select the right control method. For more information on how to kill Termites or information on termite control products, please call us at 1-800-788-4142.

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Q. Termite Prevention
What is the best product to protect against Termite. termite control company wants to charge $900. Can I do it myself, how much will it cost? I have around 300 ft to protect.
A.   For subterranean termites, it is best to trench around the perimeter of the house. Termidor or Dominion are the leading products. You will use about 4 gallons of solution every 10 linear feet. Trenching will have a residual of about 4-5 years. If you are infested with drywood termites, Premise foam is effective for spot treatments.
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Q. Termites in indoor doorframe
How to treat , door is in ground floor of condominium,building ,20 apts, 2 storey building
A.   If it is in the wall void that is extended from the door frame, we recommend Premise Foam Termiticide. Otherwise, you can use Premise 2 Termiticide, which is a concentrate that is diluted with water and sprayed onto surfaces of isolated areas of infestation.
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Q. termite
I'm see flying termite and white one in my house in the basement which is more effective in treating the problem phanton or dragnet if I'm think to drill hole around the four edge of the house.
A.   Not one product is "better" than the other for termite control and both will kill termites. However, we would like you to keep in mind that neither of these products, as well as most other liquid termiticides, are registered in the state of New York.
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Q. I have had 3 companies come out. 2 companies said no termites the other said yes termites. Yesterday I was standing on a wooden planter became and it split in half and I saw white termites in the wood. I have no clue what kind or how to treat we have slab home with a wood framed screened in porch and a trex deck on the back. Any suggestions.
A.   We suggest using items such as Boracare on the unfinished wooden structures. This can be done by spraying the mixture directly onto the surface. Also, we recommend doing trench treatments onto the soil with Termidor for a perimeter treatment.
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Q. Will diatomacious earth have any effect on termites?
A.   Diatomaceous Earth is a fossilized material that works on contact. Although it may have a short term effect on termites, it will not have a lasting effect at all. If you have a drywood termite infestation, you will have to treat that isolated area of infestation. If you have a subterranean termite infestation, you will have to treat the isolated area of infestation as well as do a perimeter ground treatment with either a termiticide or by setting up monitoring bait stations around the entire perimeter of the house.
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Q. What time of year is it best to treat for termites?
How do you verify that an exterminating company is a good company?
A.   Although termites will remain active all year, it is best to treat after the winter in the spring. That is because it is easiest to apply termiticides or install stations when the ground is softer that the winter's frozen ground. Also, peak activity usually starts right as the winter is ending and into the spring. It really depends on your location. Also, services will sometimes over charge for labor and many times, services will undercharge without providing quality services. It's best to get estimates and compare. Also, look into reviews of the company and rely on your personal relations with other homeowners. It really is a judgement call.
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Q. What is the best pesticide for subterranean termites?
A.   If you are looking to do outdoor ground/trench treatment, we recommend Termidor. Termite bait stations is another way you can monitor and treat for subterranean termites outdoors.
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Q. best product for termite control
We have just purchased a new home.It sits on a slab.It was pre treated when it was under construction.What would be the best product to use with out having to have a contract with a Company?

I think we chatted on our chatting system. Here is the information we chatted about:

For trenching with Termidor:

Dig a trench 6" deep and 6" wide every 10 linear feet.

Spray 4 gallons of the diluted solution (.4 fl oz of Termidor to one gallon of water)

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Q. if termite happen in my next door neighbor will it be travel in to my house
A.   If the food supply and all conditions are right in your neighbors home, the termites will probably not leave. However, there are always chances that the swarmers will travel to neighboring areas.
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Q. termite prevention
What can I use to prevent my home from getting termites?

Thank you for contacting us with your concern. If you have not yet found an infestation and want to use something as a preventative or monitoring purpose we have bait stations that you can plant around the perimeter of the structure in which you are wanting to monitor. All professional pest control companies use monitoring systems for termite treatment.

Termite Monitoring Systems

We carry several different brands of these professional use systems that you can refer to on the above link.

Once you have planted these stations it is recommended that you check quarterly to see if you can spot any infestation to any of the monitoring bases.

Once an infestation has been spotted to the monitoring cartridge you will need to exchange it out with the bait poison cartridge. Bait cartridges are only necessary inside the stations that have a spotted infestation.

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I am a DIY supporter. I don't employ exterminators to take care of my pest problems. I would like to o it myself. So, when my cricket problem got out of control I decided to do something. As per a friend's recommendation I bought 1 pint of Talstar Pro for 28.40. It is a great pesticide. The pests died after I used it on them. It worked really great and the residual effect stays up to 3 months. I can recommend it to anyone.

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