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Although many people trust that traditional methods of termite control may be more effective, they can be made more effective when used with the correct supplemental products. The latest innovation in termite control has now made its way to the market - termite foam. Termite foam won’t interfere with your liquid treatment nor will it compromise your desire for all the best termite control products. Instead, it will totally enhance your termite control so that you can gain the most optimal results in termite control around your home or business. This supplemental product is easy to use and delivers chemicals quickly to specific areas that are hard to reach or access. In isolated termite infestations where there is an immediate need for termite control, the termite foam will be the most effective product to apply.

Thoroughly review all product labels and directions before applying the products in the infested areas. If you have any concerns or questions about termite foam products or you would like to purchase a termite foam product that best fits your termite infestation, feel free to talk to one of our Pest Mall technicians at 1-800-788-4142.

Why Use Termite Foam?

Termite control requires the most thorough and complete attention. Moreover, there are instances when termites have already begun to attack the wood in your structure and calls for immediate action. Although the professional grade termiticides that are available in the market right now are the most effective products, they require prior set up and mixing to create solutions and etc. In these cases, you are not able to deliver immediate control solutions. With the professional grade termite foam formulations that Pest Mall provides, no setup time is required and there are no worries about correctly mixing solutions. The termite foam products come in a ready to use can that easy to use. There is no real need for additional products or equipment so it is portable and able to provide control instantly.

Because the termite foam is able to provide instant control, you know that you can start fighting the termite infestation that has invaded your home on the spot. This also means that you are able to deliver a fast control of isolated infestations and you can watch concentrated infestations dissipate almost as soon as you apply the foam agent. Moreover, although the termite foam products that are provided by Pest Mall are products for termite control, they target more than just termites. Killing such wood infesting insects like carpenter ants as well as some other wood attacking beetles, termite foam is one of the best products to use for the most optimal control in such areas like directly into termite galleries, wall voids, and floor joists.

How to Effectively Use Termite Foam

Although, for small infestations, termite foam can work by itself, it should not be used as a stand-alone product for large infestations. Termite foam is the most effective as a supplemental product that is used prior to, in conjunction with, or after a stand-alone treatment. All the termite foam products that are made available by Pest Mall include an injector and/or an injection tip. Use these tools to release the foam into infested area. Hold the injector tips in place to dispense the foam in areas where there are suspected nests, galleries, or harborage areas.

Typically, termite foam is used for spot treatment for control of existing infestations in ornamental trees, shrubs, utility poles, under slabs, in the wall void area, fences, and etc. Drilling may be necessary to access certain areas of the home or structure. Avoid contact with the treated areas until the termite foam is completely dry. When doing spot treatment, allow the foam to dry or wipe off the surface with gloves and a disposal towel before you leave the treated site.

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Q. can termites dig thru concrete
A.   No, termites cannot dig through concrete, but depending on the species, they can build mud tubes on the concrete. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us again.
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Q. signs of termites
Yes I live in Benton Harbor,MI. I found some damage wood but the only termites I've seen was little ones flying what would be the way to treat please get back with me
A.   We do recommend that you find out what species of termites it is. Depending on the species, treatment for termites will vary. However, for that isolated piece of damaged wood, we do recommend treating it with a product called Premise. You can use Premise Spray or Premise Foam.
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Q. termite foam
I live in south ga. my house is off the ground on eight inch standard concrete blocks. I have holes were i have treated with spray in the past. Will this foam expand in the block calls? Will it last longer than Termadore?
A.   Foam will expand to fill up holes, cracks, etc. Premise Foam can last up to 7 years, while Termidor lasts up to 10. However, we recommend using the Premise foam to inject into the concrete holes.
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Q. I have termites infestation.how to kill termites
I have termites in the front wall of my house. They have eaten even the drywall. The infestation that is showing, is around a bay window and in the basement under the bay window. How do I spray this area? I had a so called professional come out and look at it, but he was vague as how he would treat it and didn't seem trustworthy.
A.   It looks like the best product for your situation is the Premise Foam . Foam termiticides are able to penetrate deep into cracks and crevices and will even help with your drywall infestation.
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You guys are awesome! I called Mon. for help with roach problems, and Sue? (sorry, I forgot your name) was really helpful. I got the package, and you guys sure kno how to pack stuffs! lol. Anyway, thank you very much!

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