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Tick Dust
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There are occasional invaders that will enter your home and are virtually harmless. Non-social insects like these really only require a contact kill insecticide and do not require true thorough treatments. Ticks are not like those occasional invaders. These parasitic insects reproduce at extremely fast rates and will feed on your pets or even you. Furthermore, they are vectors of serious disease pathogens like Lyme disease. They require the most detailed attention and thorough treatment methods available. You also want to think long term. Fortunately, Pest Mall provides all the professional grade tick dusts that will allow for the most thorough and long lasting insecticide to control tick infestations. Dust insecticides have one of the longest residual times amongst the different formulations of insecticides. Moreover, the tick dusts that are made available by Pest Mall are the same dust products that professionals are applying to control ticks in your home. So, you can trust that tick dusts will be one of the most efficient methods of control against the tick infestation that has invaded your home.

Why Use Tick Dust

Dust products are a fine material that is ground up in a mixture of a powdered material and the active ingredient. They are not mixed or diluted in water and are intended for dry use. This is one of the reasons why they are one of the most easily applied products in the market because there is no requirement for a pre-treatment or a pre-mix. Primarily, the reason why dust products provide the most thorough treatment is because of what they were made to do. Dust treatments are intended for crack and crevice treatments, interior wall void treatments, and outdoor perimeter treatments. Tick dusts will reach areas that are not easily accessible. Moreover, dust formulations have one of the longest residual times. Therefore, it is not even necessary to continue to reapply a dust product as frequently as a pressurized aerosol insecticide or a liquid concentrate insecticide.

How to Effectively Use Tick Dust

Tick control and flea control will be very similar. However, because ticks do not infest carpets or drop their eggs on carpets, surface carpet treatment is not necessary to gain a complete control. This is why a tick dust is going to be one of the best products you can use for tick control. You are going to target concentrated areas that ticks can lay their eggs in and travel along. Also, indoor and outdoor control can be completed with tick dusts. These target locations are going to be tight areas and so crack and crevice treatment with tick dust will prove to be effective in tick control inside your house. Such places that may be concentrated with a tick infestation may be places like under furniture like your couch, armchair bed, under cabinets, dressers, stands, tables, desks, and etc. As long as your pet cannot access the areas that have been treated with a dust insecticide, you can apply tick dust virtually in any of those areas listed above. Also, tick dust can be thinly applied in cracks and crevices along the base board area and also in the wall void area. Outdoors, apply tick dust in areas like in the crawl space, around the perimeter of the structure, and also along the perimeter of the yard.

If you have any questions on the tick dusts that are available here at Pest Mall, feel free to contact one of our technicians at 1-800-788-4142 or leave us an e-mail at info@pestmall.com.

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Q. Can you use tick dust in a vehicle?
I found ticks in my car and I want something that won't destroy the carpet or any of the interior and electronics. Maybe something like the dust that could be vacuumed up. Any suggestions?
A.   Dust is not recommended because it can be easily inhaled. I would recommend you use a product like Permethrin SFR and Archer IGR and spray as a spot treatment on the carpeting areas, cracks, and crevices.
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they were quick to note let me know,, once they found out, that they could not ship the product to Canada. I was given prompt,efficient service.

- Ted Adger -
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