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One of the most dangerous household parasite bugs that can invade a house is the tick. Ticks thrive in areas that are heavily grassed or wooded. Many homeowners are reluctant to let their children or pets play in the backyard in fear that they will bring back ticks. However, what if you were told that there are tick sprays that will kill ticks on contact? Not only that, but what if someone told you that most of these tick sprays still has a killing effect even after it is dry? Tick sprays provide an efficient method of control so that you, your children, and your pets can safely play outside without the worries of being bit by one or bringing any of them inside the house.

Keep in mind that all product labels and material safety data sheets that are provided with the product must be thoroughly reviewed before any pesticides are applied. If you have questions on tick control or any of the tick sprays that are provided here at Pest Mall, feel free to talk to a technician at 1-800-788-4142.

Importance of Tick Spray

When you are dealing with a tick infestation, there is no time to waste until you get rid of them. Ticks are a prime vector for disease pathogens like Lyme disease. Lyme disease can not only transfer from the ticks to your pets, but can also transfer to you and your children. This is why it is crucial to gain control over the ticks before they harm you, your children, or pets. One of the fastest and most effective ways to control ticks around your home or business is to use a tick spray. There are a variety of tick sprays that are made available by Pest Mall. These sprays can come in a pressurized aerosol form, a concentrate, or a wet-able powder. All spray applications provide a source of contact kill that will penetrate through the shell of the tick or will kill them from their respiratory system or by ingestion. Tick sprays are one of the most thorough, effective, and complete ways to get rid of ticks around a structure. Moreover, all the ticks sprays that are provided at Pest Mall are all professional grade tick sprays that pest control management companies are using to control ticks. This is why you can be assured that they will provide control in the most efficient manner.

Tick Spray Formulations

The tick sprays that are available here at Pest Mall come in a variety of different formulations that will provide a different control according to the severity and location of the tick infestation that is invading inside and around your home or business. Instant knock-down pressurized aerosol sprays are good for a good initial treatment plan. Aerosols also include foggers that will kill the ticks on contact. For a lasting residual spray, consider using a liquid concentrate or wet-able powder formulation that is diluted with water and sprayed around the perimeter. Liquid sprays are also good for use in a barrier treatment. Finally, there are foaming applications available for crack and crevice treatment. Call one of our representatives about what formulation best fits your infestation.

How to Effectively Use Tick Sprays

Tick sprays can be used for outdoor control or indoor control. Usually if there are tall grasses around the perimeter of the yard or lawn, pesticides can be applied in those areas. Generally, a liquid concentrate or a wet-able formula will be sprayed onto those places because they provide a residual, which means that even after the tick spray is dry, it still has a killing effect. Also, barrier treatments can also be applied around the perimeter of the structure with a liquid concentrate or wet-able powder spray. Use foggers and aerosols for an initial kill as an instant knock-down. Aerosols and foggers can be used to severe or heavy infestations. End with a foaming spray during exclusion treatments to kill ticks that are inside cracks and crevices.

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