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Professional pest control products are relatively novel to most customers. As a result, many homeowners and business owners will purchase pest control products with no prior experience with applying them. In order to facilitate pesticide application, numerous pesticide manufacturers have created even more numerous different types of useful tools. These tools function to delve into hard-to-reach places, protect the homeowner or business owner, provide multi-use bait stations, and more. Each tool Pest Mall offers can greatly ease the burden on the homeowner in one way or another. Along with being fantastic pesticide application helpers, all of the tools Pest Mall provides are compact, of the highest quality, and efficiently functional.

Different Types of Pest Control Tools

Pest Mall offers its customers a myriad of choices in terms of both pesticides and tools. In order to complement the products the customer purchases, Pest Mall has accumulated numerous different tools from different manufacturers to ensure that the customer’s experience with pesticide application is as easy as possible.

  • B&G Parts: B&G, a renowned manufacturer, supplies several quality pest control tools, such as gallon sprayers, bulb dusters, and electric dusters. In addition to these products, B&G also offers all of the replacements parts one would need if a gasket tip, for instance, was no longer functional. To accompany the B&G sprayer, B&G also provides a 12 inch extension tip so that customers can apply their pesticide in narrow cracks and crevices or in small, elevated, secluded areas.
  • Bait Trays and Bait Stations: Pest Mall and manufacturers are aware of how costly it can be to constantly purchase new baits and also find a place to store them, since they usually come in large quantities. In an effort to alleviate this burden slightly, Pest Mall offers reusable bait stations that are tamper-proof and weather-proof, allowing for long-term use and reuse. There are also bait trays that customers can use to store multiple bait stations or baits in, saving the customer from the hassle of having to clear large spaces to create a place for baits to be situated.
  • Skin Cream: Barrier 21 Protective Skin Cream protects the skin for up to four hours from harmful chemicals and pesticides that may come in contact with the skin. It is hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, non-greasy, and non-staining.
  • Dusters: Pest Mall possesses two different types of dusters: the bellow-bulb and the centrobulb. Each is used in applying dust pesticides to cracks and crevices and wall voids. The bellow-bulb duster has a shorter tip, but will efficiently apply dust in fine, even layers to the designated areas. In comparison, the centrobulb duster has a 12 inch extension tip with a curved end to reach deeper and harder-to-access areas while still retaining the same level of efficacy.
  • Chapin Sprayers and Foamers: Chapin manufactures a few different sprayers and foamers to facilitate pesticide application. These applicators are available in different sizes and designs to ensure that there is a product that will be best suited for every situation.
  • Foggers and Applicators: Aware of how difficult and confusing it can be when initially dealing with pesticides, Pest Mall provides many foggers and applicators to ease the burden. Pesticides may be poured in as directed by their labels into foggers for fogging treatments in large, enclosed areas such as attics. In terms of applicators, Pest Mall offers bait guns, handle spreaders, rodenticide dispensers, and even crack and crevice injection tools.
  • Replacement Keys and Bulbs: Several of the top-quality rat bait stations can be locked and unlocked for secure storage and capture. In instances where one loses the key, one can simply purchase another one from us. All of the insect and fly light traps we offer also have replaceable light bulbs for prolonged and money-saving use.
  • Seal Plugs: In certain seasons, carpenter bees invade homes and wreak havoc across the U.S. In addition to providing effective pesticides and traps, Pest Mall also supplies seal plugs which can be placed in holes that the carpenter bees dug through. Utilizing these plugs will prevent future carpenter bee colonies from entering the same hole and accentuating the damage.

Whether a homeowner needs an item to fog his attic or replace a light trap’s light bulb, any product he needs is available through Pest Mall. Made with the customer in mind, every product is checked to prove its effectiveness in expediting pesticide application.

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Where on your web site can I purchase the extension tube referred to below: Hot Spot comes with a 360 degree valve and fan spray actuator, making it easy to coat scummy surfaces. A 24 inch extension tube is also available . This flexible, extra long extension tube makes it easy to get the scum eating power of Hot Spot foam around corners, deep down drains, or into tight spaces. The standard fan spray actuator is simply popped off and the extension tube actuator is snapped on in its place. Two extension tube actuators are included in each case and are also available to purchase individually for a nominal cost.
A.   My name is Sunny with Pest Mall. As of this moment, it is unavailable on our site.

However, fortunately, we do have a few in stock. The only thing is that you must call in the order at 1-800-788-4142. I can give you the extension tube without a cost for the item because of the inconvenience.

However, we do request the shipping be paid for. The shipping fee for this tube will be $6.50. To place the order, just ask for me when you call and I will be able to complete the order for you.

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