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Victor Glue Boards (M309)
5 of 5 Stars!
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Review : Victor Glue Boards (M309)

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5 of 5 Stars!Good ProductJanuary 26, 2012
By Mickey Hughes (Glendale, Arizona)
We have had scorpion problems for years. We use the Victor Glue Boards inside the house and out with good results.
5 of 5 Stars!August 30, 2011
By Melanie Lucas
Victor Glue Boards is such a great product. Its effect lasts for almost a year. I am very proud to recommend this product to all my friends and even to you.
5 of 5 Stars!victor tin catAugust 20, 2011
By Renee Lucas
Victor Glue Boards is a very good alternative trapping system. For my personal opinion, it is way better compared to snap traps and other types of trapping systems. And one more thing that I like with this product is that it lasts long almost about one year.
5 of 5 Stars!sticky mouse trapsJanuary 24, 2010
By Kurt Phillips
Trapping small insects is not anymore a problem because of this Victor Glue Boards. I am very happy with the result.
5 of 5 Stars!November 22, 2010
By David Roy
This Victor Glue Boards rocks!
5 of 5 Stars!tin cat mouse trapNovember 03, 2010
By Milton Beatty
This Victor Glue Boards is a great buy.
5 of 5 Stars!sticky trapsNovember 18, 2010
By Jeanne Singleton
My Victor Glue Boards have gone a long way and that is what I like about a product. It lasts long and is extremely sticky.
5 of 5 Stars!January 07, 2011
By Thelma Garrett
It is capable of trapping insects, mice and even snake. I have proven its effectiveness and I am very happy with it.
2 of 5 Stars!Best product for miceMarch 17, 2014
By Maximum Pest Control
I own a pest control company and deal with mice on the daily basis. These traps work every time, just put a little peanut butter on them and wait.
5 of 5 Stars!May 12, 2011
By Edgar York
I love using this product because it does not contain harmful pesticides. It works really well. I have been using Victor Glue Boards for a month now and its results are perfect. I am very glad to have found this product because I no longer have to worry about mice in my home because they will easily be trapped by this product.
5 of 5 Stars!mouse glue trapMay 26, 2011
By Geoffrey Newman
I have caught mice, different kinds of insects and even a snake (small in size) just with the use of this Victor Glue Boards.
5 of 5 Stars!victor glue boardsMarch 06, 2013
By patrick reilly (nj.)
great product. used for small insects in the cellar and garage. last a long time and holds great.

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Customers Testimonials
I can only speak on the carpenter bee traps. We put out four this year (early April) when the carpenter bees came back. Last year we filled, treated and put fresh stain on wood soffits after season in November. We put out traps this year hoping to deter more holes and more bee infestation. The traps didn't work. We swatted them with a tennis racket, put the dead ones inside the bottle in hopes the phermone smell would attract other bees, it didn't. We took dead bees smash and wiped the four holes of each trap, still didn't work. Our last resort is to restain the wood again now before any get inside the wood. We hope the smell of the new stain will be a deterrent. At this point we have sprayed inside the old holes with Sevin Dust, put Seven Dust in the wood filler when filling the old holes last year and coated over with a clear stain. They are driving us crazy.

- teresa bradshaw -
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